Festivalito Milonguero EMBRACE NORWAY - 4| 5 | 6 July 2014 | Lillehammer • NORWAY

Festivalito Milonguero :
July 4. - 6. 2014

Embrace Norway shares its concept with most European Encuentros. 
This is what we have planned for you :

 5 milongas over 3 days.
 An intimate event with a limited number of dancers.
 Traditional tango music, organised in tandas with cortinas, presented by experienced and much-loved DJs.
 Mixed seating to make sure you also get to meet your friends.
 Gender balance *)


Festivalito milonga schedule:

Friday afternoon 1500-1930 Birger Haugdal (Norway)
Friday night 2130-0300 Melina Sedó (Germany)
Saturday afternoon 1400-1930 Trud Antzée (Norway)
Saturday night 2130-0300 Andreas Wichter (UK)
Sunday afternoon 1400-2000 Céline Devèze (France)

We’re currently looking into the possibilities for arranging an informal pre-milonga Thursday night, and an afterparty with pizza on Sunday night.