UK TOUR => B U R L E Y TANGO, Milonga Feliz Navidad | 12th December 2015 | Burley/ENGLAND.

Come and enjoy this space for MILONGUERAS and MILONGUEROS 


Burley Tango organises tango events at Burley Village Hall in the New Forest - held on the second Saturday of most months; sometimes an Early Burley traditional afternoon milonga with tango, vals, milonga played in tandas with cortinas; sometimes Milonga Feliz in the evening, with a traditional format. Please see Next Event or Future Dates for further details.

  Each milonga will host a guest DJ ensuring a fresh and varied supply of great tango music. A chacarera and/or zamba track may be played at the end of the milonga, after La Cumparsita. 

1.30-5.30pm Early Burley Traditional Milonga

DJ: Ricardo Peixoto - Entrance £10
5.30-7.00pm Festive Social Supper £8 
7.00-11.30pm - Milonga Feliz Navidad 

DJ: Céline TangoDJ Deveze - Entrance £10
Don't FORGET to BOOK your class with Céline DEVEZE :
Privatandas = UK £12 
1hour single = UK £35
Half hour single = UK £21
1hour couple = UK £57 

Burley Tango asks that you respect the codigos, use mirada/cabeceo where possible, use the leader cabeceo to join the line of dance and thereafter endeavour to keep your place in the ronda. Please respect other dancers by having proper regard for personal hygiene and a decent dress code.

Enjoy the dance, enjoy yourselves and allow others to do the same.

Light refreshments will be provided for the milongas.

Harriet Green and Roger Fulton