BOHNES AIRES X-MAS Edition | 18.19.20 December 2015 | Erfurt/GERMANY.



The crazy thuringian beans tango encounter
❤ 24h of BEANY tango SALONs ❤

The beautiful city of Erfurt is known for its gardening since the Middle Ages, when people started growing the famous "Puffbohne" (lat. Vicia Faba). In the 19th the soils around Erfurt were said to be so fertile, that they simply produced the biggest BEANS !

Thats reason enough for us to celebrate Bohnes Aires with a very special tango encounter. Carefully selected international DJ's, a superb historical venue in the heart of Erfurt and fabulous dancers, that soon will become your beany friends ;-)


Friday, 18/12/2015
21 - 03 Fire Bean DJ Age Akkerman (Amsterdam, NED)

Saturday, 19/12/2015  
14 - 20 Vanilla Bean DJ Mary Meriú Wu (London, UK)
22 - 04 Coffee Bean DJ Celine TangoDJ Deveze (Nice, FR)

Sunday, 20/12/2015
13 - 19 Jelly Bean DJ Leonhard Jaschke (Zurich, SW)


Esquina del Tango
Schlösserstraße 5 / Borngasse
99084 Erfurt

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