MILONGA LA ROCA | July 21st. 2018 | Amersfoort, Pays-Bas • NETHERLANDS

| July 21st. 2018 | 
Amersfoort, Pays-Bas • NETHERLANDS

The best tango's, played by the best DJ's in the wonderful ambiance of De Danswerkplaats in Amersfoort. That's Milonga La Roca. The place to go to for every really die-hard dancer. Every 3rd saturday of the month. Easy to reach by train and car (free parking), a good restaurant as neighbor, vibrant atmosphere next to the old town. After the cumparsita at 03.00 you can keep on dancing until max 04.00. The music stops earlier if less than 15 people are left. 

TangoDJ Céline DEVEZE 
- Saturday 21st. JULY 2018 -  

 First time i saw Céline was in Belgium. Totally impressed by her selection. No one wanted to sit down, building an evening... unforgettable. And recently I was lucky to meet her again, experiencing the magic she puts on the floor and yes.... finally she will come to Amersfoort. Bringing her spirit to Amersfoort. So looking forward.