I offer traditional music with Tandas and Cortinas from periods between the 1920's to the late 50's. The more important thing is  to feel what is happening on the dance floor, and to adapt the musical selection according to the mood. My motivation is to keep the energy of the ball intact by encouraging the emotion of the group, and intimacy of each dancer


Since 2005 I have been a premier member, creator and teacher of the Association “CARIÑO TANGO”. With my sensibilities and approach of the style of MILONGUERO (as a dancer) for the past 15 years, I have developed a dynamic musicality influenced by the 'golden period of Argentinian Tango. I am also a regular DJ for the famous MILONGA LINDA based in the South of France

My program, subtle and delicate conquers a wide public. The purpose : develop the emotion of each in the dance, for ever more pleasure. In 2006, I launched my DJ career to the LINDA. In few months, I was requested to play currently in Italy. I move around various international cities in fonction of my trips like DJ or teacher - TANGO WORKSHOPS - with my dance partner : Andreas Wichter (UK/GERMANY)


According to my trainings as dancer (Buenos-Aires), very fast I was very interested by the tango music and evolution. The influences of > French DJS : Valérie LAFORE (Marseille), Corinne SEGAY (Montpellier, Alès), Félix AKLI (Milonga Del Angel/Nîmes). Italian DJS : Akile (Milan/LA MARIPOSA), Theo CHATZIPETROS (Firenze), Alfredo PETRUZZELI (Torino), Armando TATAFIORE, Marco EVOLA (Roma), Supersabino, Felix Picherna, Damian Boggio amost others

My pasion for tango music drives me to be continued my researchs. Now, I have a data base of over 12 000 catalogued tracks. My musical culture grow up also by my differents french/italian djing experiences & international musical tendencies