Tango DJCéline DEVEZE 


I offer traditional music with Tandas and Cortinas from periods between the 1920's to the late 50's. The most important thing is  to feel what is happening on the dance floor, and to adapt the musical selection according to the mood of the dancers. My motivation is to keep the energy of t
he ball intact by encouraging the emotion of the group, and intimacy of each dancer.


Since 2005 I have been a premier member, creator and teacher of the Association “CARIÑO TANGO” in the South of France (PACA). With my sensibilities and approach to the style of 'MILONGUERO' as a dancer for the past 20 years, I have developed a dynamic musicality influenced by the 'golden period of Argentinian Classical Tango. I was also a regular DJ from the famous MILONGA LINDA based in the South of France (during 8 years).

My dynamic program is subtle and delicate and conquers a wide public. The purpose : develop the emotion of each (individual) and  energyze the group on the dance floor. In 2010, I launched my DJ career, I was already dancer since 10 years. Within a few months I was requested to play currently in Italy and travelled to numerous cities promoting my tango Workshops with my dance partner Andreas Richter (Germany/UK).


In accordance with my trainings as dancer (Buenos-Aires), I quickly became interested in tango music and its evolution, I was particularly influenced by the first generation of French DJ'S Valérie LAFORE (Marseille), Corinne SEGAY (Montpellier, Ales), Félix AKLI (Milonga Del Angel/Nîmes). In addition, Italian DJ'S friends : Akile (Milan/LA MARIPOSA), Theo CHATZIPETROS (Firenze), Alfredo PETRUZZELI (Torino), Armando TATAFIORE and Marco EVOLA (Roma), Supersabino, Punto Branca, Felix Picherna and Damian Boggio amongs others affected my 
enthusiasm for the music.

My pasion for tango music continues to drive my research. I now have a data base of over 18 000 catalogued tracks. My musical culture continues to grow influenced by my French/Italian/German first DJ'ing experiences and international musical aspirations through the tango world where I played in more than 25 countries : France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Russia, Martinique, Canada, USA). 

Tango DANCER & Teacher Céline DEVEZE 

Tango when you have us. Desire to blend in as sensual and poetic universe, need to engage a contact with the other, the reasons that push to the tango are not lacking.The Argentinean Tango is a universe that takes life through the body of the other, the embrace of the couple, the reciprocal exchange and mutual respect. A magical moment, a pure emotion full of vibrations and poetry that we want to relive tirelessly". 

In permanent training since 22 years : Thierry Lecocq & Véronique Bouscasse, Teresa Cunha, Ricardo Viquiera, Tete (Pedro Rusconi) & Silvia, Julio Balmaceda & Corina del la Rosa, Detlef Engel & Melina Sedo, Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado, Brigitta Wingler both roles (Berlin/NYC/Hawaï). Continuating training in pilates (reformer machine) & postural strech, mindfulness. Technical course for women in Buenos Aires : Gracial Gonzales, Géraldine Rojas, Silvina Vals, Maria Plazzaola & l'Escuola Argentina de Tango, Aurora Lubiz.